Steophonics Guitar

An electric guitar signed by all members of the band. Last played on stage in the INEC on November 28th 2007 before it was gifted to Shane O'Driscoll by Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones.

Buy tickets to be in for a chance to win this iconic piece. All proceeds go to support the live event industry in Ireland by supporting essential resources

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All proceeds go to support the live event industry in Ireland by supporting essential resources..







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Item Backstory

November 28th 2007 Welsh supergroup and rock band Stereophonics took to the stage at the Gleneagle INEC Arena for a headline show in front of a sold out audience of 4142 fans. The concert was promoted by MCD Productions, Ireland’s largest music promoter.
Shane O’Driscoll Operations Director for the INEC was coordinating all things operational for the event from load in to load out and everything in between... Shane having built up a rapport with frontman Kelly Jones who later that night, once the show was down presented Shane with a signed electric guitar from himself and his bandmates. Shane has kindly gifted this signed guitar to #WeAreTheSupportAct to help raise much needed funds for the live events industry which has been greatly effected by the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Artist Biography

A bright new noise in U.K. alternative rock in the '90s and into the new millennium, Stereophonics are comprised of vocalist/guitarist Kelly Jones, bassist Richard Jones, guitarist Adam Zindani, and drummer Jamie Morrison. They were formed in Cwmaman, South Wales, originally as the teenage cover band Tragic Love Company and with the late Stuart Cable on drums.


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